Collection: Funny Digital Downloads to Bring Laughter to Your Projects!

Tired of Vanilla Crafts? Funny Digital Downloads are Here!

Upgrade your DIY game from "cute" to "cutting" with the Funny Digital Downloads collection, a group of design files for those who aren't afraid to add a sprinkle of spice (or maybe a whole chili pepper) to their crafting. Inside, you'll find a hilarious horde of SVGs, PNGs, and printables that are perfect for the crafter with a sarcastic edge.

Need a mug that accurately reflects your morning mood?
We've got you covered with designs that say "Fool Me Once Pack Your Shit"

Want to warn guests about your questionable mood?
Slap on a decal that reads "When I Say Have a Nice Day, the Bitch is Silent"

This isn't your grandma's craft collection. This collection is for those who like to laugh, make people snort their beverage, and maybe even raise an eyebrow or two. So download, print, cut, and craft your way to hilariously honest creations that showcase your delightfully devilish side.

P.S. We won't judge if you use these files to create passive-aggressive masterpieces for that particularly annoying neighbor. We might even applaud you.