About Us

Welcome to Cryin' Creek! We're located in the heart of the country, in Weeping Water Nebraska. (Get it? Weeping Water . . . Cryin' Creek.😉) This little business started in 2000, in Kris' grandparents' old farm house with a handmade candle company. We added a cocktail lounge in 2008 and began a custom design and clothing/accessories business in 2016. After selling on Etsy for 20 years, we've decided to take ownership of our own "brand" and sell for ourselves. 

Kris is the creator and owner of this 20-plus-year adventure. The business is run out of the old farm house on the family farm. The new duplex was built later, and one half houses Kris' family (husband Carl) and the other half houses her daughter, Jessie, and son-in-law Shelton. Kris & Carl's other children are Zoe, Lilly and Luke. Zoe currently goes to college at the University of Nebraska Omaha, Lilly resides and works in Lincoln and Luke is a freshman at Weeping Water High School.

Carl works full-time, but is also a competitive team roper, and the couple operates a busy rodeo arena on the farm. The farm includes horses, cattle, a donkey (Copper), geese, chickens, a peacock (Repeat), ducks and a pair of turkeys (Rupert and Mildred), a handful of cats and three dogs (Sunny, Lucy and Pepper).

Thank you for visiting our new page. If you're ever in the area, stop by The Farmhouse Lounge, have a cocktail and shop our items in person!