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Mostly Drug Free Adult Unisex Cotton T-Shirt

Mostly Drug Free Adult Unisex Cotton T-Shirt

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Mostly Drug Free Adult Unisex Cotton T-Shirt:  Honesty and Adulting!

Do you live life on the edge? Well, maybe like a slightly rounded curb, not a sheer cliff. This ultra-soft, 100% cotton unisex t-shirt lets the world know you mostly steer clear of the hard stuff. Perfect for those mornings after a night of herbal tea and questionable decisions, this tee is a laugh-out-loud conversation starter.

This shirt is ideal for:

  • Casual Fridays (or any day that ends in "y")
  • Gifting to that friend with a "colorful" past
  • Loudly proclaiming your questionable virtue
  • Letting everyone know you're just one accidentally-spiked latte away from a wild adventure

Style it with:

  • Yoga pants for a "reformed party animal" look
  • Ripped jeans and a leather jacket to channel your inner rockstar (minus the actual drugs)
  • A suit and tie for a touch of ironic sophistication (maybe skip this one for important meetings)

Available in a range of inclusive sizes, this hilarious t-shirt is the perfect way to celebrate your (mostly) responsible lifestyle.

P.S. We won't judge if you take a break from your mostly drug-free streak for that occasional brownie binge. We're all human (mostly).
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